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9W6198 end bit

Edges and end bits to suit dozers, scrapers, graders, loaders and excavators
TIGERLEVEL have a complete range of blades, edges and end bits, shanks, teeth, ripper tynes, router bits and plow bolts and nuts to suit virtually every machine.  Customer parts can be made to suit specialist requirements. 
Dozer cutting edges and end bits
TIGERLEVEL have the complete range to suit Caterpillar, Komatsu and all other makes and models.
Hot Cupped End Bits provide maximum penetration.
We stock a complete range of thicknesses in standard and heavy duty.
Our bits and edges are heat treated through hardened, quenched and tempered alloy steel.

Product Details:
Dozer end bit 9W6198 with 7 holes.

Part Name Dozer end bit
Part Number 9W6198
Unit Weight 42 kg
Dimension 600*280*35 7*7/8"
Brand Logo NB TIG

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