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JCB blade with hole

Product Details:
JCB blade with single bevel and 16 holes, material 16Mn.

Part Name JCB SBF blade with hole
Dimension 2438*152*19  3/4"*6"*8'  16*3/4"
Unit Weight 51.5 kg
Suit for Model JCB
Brand NB TIG

Loaders and excavators base edges and bolt-on cutting edges 
A complete range is available to suit all makes of:
· Loaders
· Excavators
· Backhoes
· Standard or Custom Design
· Spade Nose
· Wrap Around Ends
· Drilled for Adaptors & Segments
· Heat Treated for longer life
· Weld-On Corner Guards
· Bolt-On, Weld-On Adaptors
· Specials made to order

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