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Different types of retractable processor bucket for some USES.

    Some very large buckets may have "teeth" or jagged edges, which makes them ideal for large mining operations, such as mining applications, and demolition related work and quarries needs. The largest bucket is ideal for larger machines, because it can be filled to a large capacity without the risk of a machine being dumped.
    The medium size sensor bucket is also used for extensive mining related tasks. A medium sized bucket has a size of 13 to 22 tons. These containers have very strong walls and side parts that help to make them super functional.
    The bucket is usually 6 to 9 tons. They are specifically designed to manage the increased power associated with tracking excavators. These telescopic treatment of the back of the bucket strengthens the side bar so that it can handle more wear and tear than the average. Many of these barrels have tubular tops with specially designed cutting edges, often with replaceable tips.
    The minimum size of the telescopic handling bucket is designed for the mining weight of about 75 tons. These telescopic arm forked containers also have heavy pipe girder parts and reinforced side bars to help protect the bucket. Due to the size of the bucket, it has only two or three Qualitough teeth, but it can usually be adjusted as needed.

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