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The telescopic processor bucket is different.

    Telescopic boom bucket has different dimensions. Small telescopic arm forklifts are used for carrying heavy items, while larger buckets are used for lighter materials. This is because smaller buckets cannot hold a large amount of material at a time, so they can carry heavier materials. If you fill a large bucket with heavier items, you can make the machine boom work like a lever, and the result is a rolled-up machine.
    Some people try to build up old concrete or asphalt with bigger buckets. It doesn't work. If you want to move asphalt or old concrete, you need a smaller bucket, and you need a bucket with tooth design to break the hardened material and scoop them up.
    Although the telescopic arm forklift bucket is made for excavation purposes, you should be careful with each work. Do not exceed the recommended carrying capacity over the bucket. Do not attempt to save time, and make the arm of the machine fully extended while the driver is driving in the working area and bearing the maximum load in the bucket. If you do this, you will have a chance to break your prosperity, or turn the machine over.
    There are special buckets designed to lift men to the heights they need to reach. Don't try to put a man in an ordinary bucket and lift them to a higher position. The average bucket is not designed for this purpose, and if they fall out of the bucket, you can seriously injure the workers.

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