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How to maximize the service life of the excavator cutting edge?

    You can improve equipment efficiency and productivity by using high quality edges. You will reduce machine wear and increase mining efficiency.
    The cutting edges of the excavator should be carefully and properly used, so the cutting edges should be considered and their use. So can they deal with specific materials that are going to be used?
    Are the teeth you bought sharp enough to penetrate the ground so that your excavator can be excavated as little as possible to achieve optimum efficiency?
    Make sure you do not use a blunt tooth, as this will increase the impact of passing the bucket to the digging arm and the rotating ring of the hand chassis, which may damage your machine.
    Always provide high-quality replacement parts to reduce machine downtime.
    In order to maximize the service life of the loader bucket, it is necessary to maintain and replace the edges. When changing the cutting edge, remember to use only the high quality cutting edge because it has a long service 

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