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The use of excavators.

    A separate mining type is simply called the mining type of the mining participant, which is an overstatement of the method used. Archaeological excavations involve a specific archaeological site or a series of related sites, considering that these works usually have seasonal characteristics and may last for years.
    Within the mining business, there are many more technologies available, each of which can acquire its own specific characteristics, which may require different technologies. Methods and other practical problems do not allow archaeologists to excavate at any time, because many known sites are deliberately left alone without being excavated.
    At first, excavations required removal of any surface soil found by excavators. Dig out what could be detected by metal detectors, but unless the excavation site is not affected for a long time, or only a small layer on the surface of modern materials, archaeological interest co., LTD.
    In the farm area, any kind of archaeological feature should be visible beneath the surface. For urban areas, they are likely to be thick layers of human sediment that are visible to the naked eye. In either case, the first task is to draw a scaling site plan that shows the edge of the mining. This strategy can be made using a tape measure or, more commonly, an electronic total station. A grid is usually created to divide websites.
    Digging is more useful for digging houses and trenches. The excavation is needed to clean up the dirt of roads or sub-sectors. Although there are several methods, mining terminology can be used whenever earth or dirt is disturbed. Heavy machinery is also common in excavations, such as excavators or backhoe excavators. Excavate staff to run equipment, dig up soil and rock, whatever the purpose. Excavators are the most commonly used machines because they can move some dirt over a period of time.

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