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The types of excavators with different functions.

    Pull a shovel
    The cable excavator is large in scale and is mainly used for large-scale construction practice, including n-surface mining and other civil engineering tasks. These excavators have two different types; Field and standard mobile pull shovel. Because these excavators are bulky, they are often transported to the site with unassembled parts for on-site assembly. The field is large, site construction, for canal dredging. These buckets are also heavy, which is why they cannot be shipped together because they can cause damage to roads.
    After the hoe
    For the purpose of excavation, the construction engineer used the backhoe, which is the most commonly used type of excavator today. The excavator has a bucket at the front, facing the driver. This position allows the driver to have a clearer understanding of the excavation. Backhoe excavators are almost a part of every construction site, and because of their incredible ability to dig up the soil, they help increase productivity and save costs. The machine's cab can rotate to 360 degrees quickly, making it easier for the driver to transport the garbage to the dump. The backhoe is also used to clear snow cover roads and remove blockages.
    Suction digger
    In addition to bucket excavators, some excavators have a vacuum that sucks debris and other dirt from the ground. Mining using suction excavators requires water to be used in the soil. The water loosens the soil, making it easier for the straw to absorb the debris. For experimental purposes, suction excavators are used when soil is extracted from the ground.

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