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Adjust the curve along the edge of the shape

    1. Select the shape.
    2. Select "format" > "shape and line" > "enable editing" (from the "format" menu at the top of the computer screen).
    The sharp line. The line connecting to this point is a straight line.
    4. After completion, click on the outside of the shape.
    Draw the shape
    1. Click "shape" and click "draw with pen".
    2. Click anywhere in the slide to create the first point of the custom shape.
    Combine the selected shapes into one shape.
    Create shapes from overlapping areas.
    Remove the shape that is superimposed on top of other shapes. To select the removed shape, move the shape to the top layer. For more information on how to change the layers, see grouping, grouping, and locking objects for objects.
    Create shapes that do not include overlapping areas between shapes.

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