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The surfacing of the excavator's teeth

    Digging hunger scoop in use most of the popular face serious grind of board. In order to improve the wear resistance. Prolong service life. The most good 1 take high chromium alloy cast iron heap na electrode surface resistance to pile foot. Some of the excavator digging bucket. The grinding twist the decrease 1 yan. Often welding with anti-wear protection board first.
    The design of bucket wheel excavator and transmission system is directly related to the machine performance. Bucket wheel part farthest from the center of a rotary machine, bucket tooth which good, must bear a lot of digging force at work, if the improper design, head weight, bucket teeth, the rear balance weight will multiply. Bucket wheel reducer directly connected to the bucket wheel shaft, if the actuator is not compact, makes the weight increase volume, free cutting Angle decreases, and the side effects of this size, one side of the mining constraints caused reducer even touch it.

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