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What are the adapters for

    In layman's terms, it is a kind of accessory that plays the role of intermediate connection. The function of this part is to simplify the hardware design of the host and increase the versatility and flexibility of the host.
    For example: display card is used by most of the adapter, because we can see the types of display is too much, their resolution and refresh rate will have difference, if the motherboard of the display output of various types of monitors ready for different output signal, I'm afraid that this circuit board is bigger than the main board, and the motherboard life can use them with several types of display at most, redundant is wasted, so people agree on is that the motherboard only provide display interface, specific display type alone make a display card, form a motherboard, display card - display such a hardware connection form, save the mainboard circuit already so, can according to need by changing the display card again to suit the needs of the display. The display card is also known as the display adapter.
    Commonly used adapters are power adapters, adapter adapters, network adapters, print adapters... And so on.

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