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A brief introduction of gear teeth products

.    Excavator bucket tooth is an important consumable part of excavator, which is similar to human teeth. It is a combination of tooth base and tooth tip, which is connected by pin shaft. The failure part of the tooth wear is the tip of the tooth, as long as the tip can be replaced. According to the environmental classification of excavator bucket teeth. Excavator bucket teeth can be divided into rock teeth (for iron ore, stone ore, etc.), earth teeth (used for digging mud, sand, etc.), conical teeth (for coal mines). According to the bucket tooth tooth to points: excavator bucket tooth can be divided into vertical pin bucket tooth (Hitachi excavator is given priority to), horizontal pin dipper teeth (komatsu excavator, excavator carter excavators, daewoo excavators, god steel, etc.), rotary digging bucket tooth series bucket teeth (V). zy15
    Toothed brand
    At present, the most commonly used imported excavator is: komatsu, daewoo, shen gang, carter, hyundai, Volvo, liebherr, Hitachi and so on. Domestic excavators commonly used: yuchai, mountain workers, sany heavy industry, labor, mountain push, futian rev, liugong, xiamen, chenggong, longmen, mountain river intelligence, German workers, zoomlion, etc.

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