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How to Fix an Off-Track Window

First, we will have a chat about how the track system works on car windows. There will be slight variations between car makes and models, however, the principle is always the same. Your glass is always connected at the bottom to something called a window regulator. There are two types of window regulator, a wired pulley type and a double arm type.
The wired pulley type is a system where the glass is attached to a wire (similar to the type of wire used in bicycle brakes cables) with a nylon peg or similar fixing. There are variations in design, but remember the principle is always the same. This wire is connected at both its ends to a cog which when wound will pull the cable in either direction and thus pulling the window down or pushing it up into the closed position. Cable pulley regulators are mostly found on power window variants.
The double arm type is a complicated looking mess but do not let that frighten you. The easiest way to describe how this regulator works is to ask you to picture how a scissor jack lifts a car. It works in the exact same way. A set of jaws or arms widen or close mimicking the action of scissors. As this happens the attached window is pushed up or pulled down. This type of regulator is commonly found on both power and non-power windows.
Sometimes the glass will just drop right into the door. You can hear the power motor whirring and you know the innards of the system are operating but the glass remains down. This is an easy fix. What has happened here is that the glass has somehow worked itself off of the regulator (remember the nylon peg we mentioned? they have a bad habit of coming loose or shearing). These pegs are really cheap, usually only £1-£2 and are really easy to fit. They will clip onto the bottom of the glass somehow and then onto the regulator, normally with a little 10mm or 12mm bolt.、

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