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Selecting the Right Bucket Tooth

Few components of a loader, backhoe or excavator can do more to help or hinder your productivity than the teeth on the bucket. So, how can you wade through the multitude of choices on the market today? The key is to match the tooth and the adapter to your machine and work.

Teeth what you need to know:
  1. Standard (sharp) tooth is used for general digging conditions for both loaders and excavators.
  2. Tiger tooth is single point excavator tooth used for penetrating compact soil conditios such as frost or Caliche.(generally placed on the inside positions of the bucket)
  3. Twin tiger tooth is a double pointed excavator tooth used forpenetrating compact soil conditions such as frost or Caliche.This is generally placed ou the outside positions of the buckets.
  4. Star tooth is a heavier duty excavator tooth with a rib and not quite as pointed as a tiger tooth. This tooth has a rib that self sharpen the tooth and creates a longer wearing product.
  5. Flare tooth is used on excavator bucket and is positioned close together for smooth bottoms in trenches or footers.It isa good digging tooth for rock or compact soils.
Ningbo Tigerlevel offer widest range of teeth and adapters for all ground engeging tools.
Our wattanty: replaced the same quantity of abnormal broken teeth!

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